Several Ways to Increase HDL Cholosterol

Several Ways to Increase HDL CholosterolOne of the possible ways of how you could lower the excess of cholesterol in the blood is to increase HDL cholesterol, also known as good cholesterol. It prevents the appearance of plaques on the walls of arteries (which later could lead to coronary heart disease and a heart attack), by carrying the unnecessary cholesterol back to the liver. There are different ways of how you could increase you HDL level.

Naturally, one of the first measures is to change your food habits. Foods, in which trans fatty acids could be found, should be surely taken away from your meals. At the same time you should drink cranberry juice, which is known for its HDL increasing effect. Besides, foods, which contain omega-3 fatty acids, among which is fish, are extremely good for your body and increase HDL levels. Good cholesterol may be increased by eating products, which contain monounsaturated fats that do not make the total cholesterol higher.

To help your body to increase HDL levels you should take aerobic excercises, e.g. bike riding, jogging, walking. Though usually people prefer sitting in front of a TV set to having some physical activities, exercises are really effective and helpful to raise HDL levels and thus making ourselves feel well and healthy.

Together with excercises you could lose your weight. It’s a well known fact that, on the one hand, obesity raises LDL cholesterol levels and, on the other, may result in lowering HDL levels, which is a risk factor of getting a heart attack. Weight loss is a rather time-consuming process, needs special consultations and your own desire. But still loss of weight results in raising of HDL levels. You would surely be fit and healthy.

If you are a smoker, it’s desirable for you to quit. It will increase your HDL levels and thus protect you from negative consequences.

One more possible way how you could increase good cholosterine levels in the blood is to have one or two alcoholic drink per day. But it’s necessary not to overdo this norm, otherwise it is a risk factor for heart failure.

Of course you could take special treatment, which goals at raising the good cholesterol levels. A vitamin niacin is the most effective and tolerate in this case and is usually prescribed by doctors.

The mentioned measures are good not only in raising good cholesterol in the blood, but they are also effective in making total level of cholesterol according to the norm.